See examples of James Rowell's work on broadcast commercials for "L'oreal", "Motorola" and "Georgia Lottery" amongst others.

Commercial Production

The video posted on YouTube (click on the image below right) shows examples of post-production commercial work done by James Rowell at Charlex, and here at Orange Imagination & Concepts. This is but a small sample of the shots that James has worked on over the years - for example it (unfortunately) does not contain any of the wonderful shots produced at Pacific Data Images in the Commercial and Film Effects (CAFE) department back in the day that it existed. However - this reel provides a very good introduction to the type of work James has produced in recent years.

There is no need for a shot breakdown as virtually all of the shots in the reel have been both lit and composited by James. When one speaks of a lighting TD for commercials - unlike in film work, where there is a much finer granularity of specialization - a lighting TD in the commercial world also does much of the shader, materials and look development for the final shot, which is the case in most of the shots on this demo reel.