Here are some potentially useful pipeline utilities - written by James Rowell at Orange Imagination & Concepts, Inc. under a version of the FreeBSD open source license.

Here is a useful command-line utility for listing image sequences in a compact form, like an enhanced "/bin/ls" command. It's a fairly standard item to find at a typical production facility but surprisingly there doesn't seem to be a definitive version of this extremely useful utility in the public domain.

It's called "lsseq" and written in python. I attempted to mimic the behavior and look of unix and Linux's "/bin/ls" as closely as I could where it made sense. For example, argument flag names are the same in many cases, plus how it lists subdirectories, and explicitly listed positional arguments etc.

It works smoothly on Apple's "OS X" and any unix flavored OS like Linux. I have run it under an SUA bash shell on Windows-7 Ultimate as well as under the "git bash" shell that comes with "Git for Windows", but my ability to test it in many environments is limited.

Please click on the two links below to download the tarball with the lsseq command line utility, plus view the README with instructions for installing the utility. The tarball also includes two other closely related and useful command line utilities for expanding and condensing lists of frame numbers.

I encourage you to grab it and try it, and if you like it please let me know. If you find bugs or problems, I'd also like to know, so please contact me here.

lsseq README
lsseq tarball

Kind Regards,
James Rowell