Choice - Orange Imagination & Concepts works independently to create stunning broadcast or film quality computer graphics imagery for you - alternately OIC will work with your artists to arrive at the final result together - or OIC can provide technical consultation or artistic direction for your project or studio.

Full Computer Graphics Animation

It can often be more cost effective to create a shot entirely with CG instead of hiring a film crew to photograph the same thing. For example, a fully 3d CG animated Product-Shot can be less expensive to produce than a corresponding film shoot with the distinct advantage CG offers of being able to go back and finesse the details of the shot later in the process of creating the final image.

Orange Imagination & Concepts (OIC) has produced many such beautiful product shots for companies such as L'oreal, Revlon, Avon and Bayer.

Live Action Integration

3d Computer Graphics allows us to create images of things that do not yet exist and place them in the real world, or to place real things in an imaginary world.

A wonderful example of integrating computer graphics objects into live footage is in the world of Architectural Visualization. James has produced several totally realistic videos for Starwood Hotels and Resorts and Trump Entertainment Resorts where he placed buildings that do not yet exist into live action helicopter footage of future building sites - it's impossible to tell where the real image ends and the computer generated images begins.

Examples of live action integration from the film and commercial world abound - in fact it's hard NOT to see examples of either type of live action integration when you view a commercial or film today. There are many steps involved in integrating live action and computer graphics, such as green screen shooting, camera match-moving, match-lighting and compositing, each of which require specialized knowledge - and all of which OIC has the experience to accomplish.

Technical Consultation and Art Direction

Making the magic happen requires many factors to come together smoothly - software knowledge, machine configurations, pipeline processes, "on set" experience and let's not forget an understanding of the fundamental principles of image making, light, and motion. All this technical knowledge needs the direction of someone with a strong artistic vision and a good "eye".

If you are undertaking a project that requires computer graphics but want to create the images yourself, or you are getting your own studio up and running but feel you could use some expert advice and direction, then Orange Imagination & Concepts can consult with you technically and artistically.

A range of choices

Orange Imagination & Concepts has the tools, machines and knowledge to create 3d computer graphics animation and effects exists here on site to take care of all, or part, of your project.

If you simply need another expert "Lighter", "Effects TD" or "Compositor" for a project - James is available for freelance work either on at your site or remotely here at OIC.

Finally, please don't hesitate to call OIC if you simply need a seasoned expert for some guidance, consultation and/or Art Direction.